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Tool Master

In-Person Denver June 27, 2022
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Advanced Lean

Virtual Live Instructor-led Lab August 22, 2022
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Our Methods

Definition of

A specific approach or procedure for performing a job or task, generally a step-by-step, orderly, sequenced or systematic approach.


Discover systematic ways to develop novel new processes, products and business models.
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Put problem solving in the hands of your people through a proven set of methods and tools.
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Data Analytics

Derive insights from your data with upskilled employees and deliver value to the business.
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Six Sigma

Transform individuals and teams into continuous problem solvers with this data-driven methodology.
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Hoshin Planning

Connect your strategy creation and execution by focusing on the bridge between the two.
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Strategy Development

Build a core strategic foundation for your organization that is poised for a successful execution.
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Our Clients

Meet Our

Lean Methods engages with its clients in many ways, but always with a sharp focus on ensuring true value is realized. Whether through training that’s promptly put into practice by your people or consulting that’s lead by ours, everything we do has a value-driven result in mind. Collaborative relationships grounded in proven methodologies are the hallmark of all our successful engagements.

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