When used in its purest sense, Lean refers to a methodical approach to eliminating waste in an organization by promoting a culture that relentlessly pursues solutions to problems. Lean Methods consultants, coaches, and trainers work with organizations to implement the principles of Lean and the accompanying tools necessary to realize the vision of a truly lean enterprise.

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Lean is the westernized incarnation of the Toyota Production System. Originally focused on manufacturers, today Lean can be found everywhere including hospitals, banks, hotels, restaurants, and even government.

The implementation of Lean implies a complete organization-wide transformation to one that eschews waste and relentlessly pursues the solution to every problem by empowering the workforce to own its own destiny.

Our team of Lean experts occasionally lead focused Lean projects for clients when there are specific problems to be solved. More often, we facilitate the transformation of an organization through a combination of education, coaching, and on-the-job training.