Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a time-tested approach to process optimization. Its central focus is the elimination of process variation through the methodical application of data-driven tools. Six Sigma is also embraced more holistically as a means of driving cultural transformation in the direction of structured problem solving and data-driven decision making.

At Lean Methods, we put the “Lean” into our Six Sigma practice by ensuring projects are fast and focused. Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts often lead project teams for our clients. However, our preference is to educate and coach our clients, so they can insource the capability to eventually run projects without us.

The origins of the Lean Methods Group lie in large-scale implementations of Six Sigma dating back to 1999, and we’ve been a market leader ever since. Always learning ourselves, today we apply best practices that have been developed while working with hundreds of companies. Faster projects using more innovative methods and ensuring the sustainability of results is the emphasis behind our Six Sigma practice.

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