Collaborative Services

Lean Methods consultants use proven, best practice methodologies to drive solutions to your most important problems. We choose the right methodology based on each problem, rather than taking a one size fits all approach.

Consulting Solutions for Your Business

Lean Methods consulting services are delivered using proven approaches applied in a highly collaborative fashion. We bring unique perspectives and skills to the table. On the one hand, no consulting firm will ever know your business, and to a certain extent, your industry, as well as you do. On the other hand, we provide value in bringing many outside perspectives to the engagement to help you see outside your paradigm – whether that is today’s product, the industry, or your problem solving approach – and discover solutions from seemingly unrelated fields. These perspectives are created from our own experiences in working with many clients over the years.

Our Process

Our process-driven approaches to problem solving are always grounded in the latest research-based methods. We take a hands-on approach that engages your team, minimizes the time-to-solution, and maximizes the sustainability of results. We adapt to your style and situation and our processes always assume a true spirit of partnership.

Why Our Process Works

Our system is versatile and agnostic to industry.  Our approach is interactive ensuring unique, insight-driven outcomes that are broadly adoptable and sustainable. This approach allows us to pivot to the style of our clients while drawing from an extensive suite of problem-solving tools and methods that ensure we choose the best techniques for each problem. When we bring your people and our people together, anything is possible.

Lean Methods solutions are built on strong foundations which have been refined and adapted for today’s marketplace. We have methodologies that can be deployed at any point within our Strategy Execution Model, or we can deliver end-to-end comprehensive strategy services. For example, we can assist you with Strategic Planning using the Hoshin Kanri methodology or implement Daily Management through the principles of Lean and Change Management.  Whether we take a holistic approach or assist you with a specific phase in connection with your company’s strategy — we are here to help!

Strategy Execution Model

A strategically driven business places equal emphasis on the creation and execution of strategy, recognizing that the role of strategic planning is to translate strategy into action. Whether you’re facing a specific problem, need an entirely new direction or want to talk about your strategy or execution challenges, give us a call at 303 827 0010, contact us online or click here to learn more.

Our Clients

Lean Methods engages with its clients in many ways, but always with a sharp focus on ensuring true value is realized. Whether through training that’s promptly put into practice by your people or consulting that’s lead by ours, everything we do has a value-driven result in mind. Collaborative relationships grounded in proven methodologies are the hallmark of all our successful engagements.


Success Stories

At Lean Methods, we choose our clients carefully. Our best clients are those that truly embrace the spirit of collaboration, wanting to work with us, rather than simply asking us to work for them. That’s why the “methods” in Lean Methods is so important—collaboration demands that we have a proven, agreed-upon approach in which we understand our respective roles. It’s how we ensure that we deliver the greatest value in the least amount of time. And it’s how you ensure you get the results you’re expecting.

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