Lean Agile Certification: Is It Right for You?

In any organization, competing priorities, changing requirements, and unforeseen glitches can cause long delays in reaching a working project or product—and lots of frustration. Organizations and teams that use the Lean Agile framework are able to deliver better products and projects faster.

Many of the foundational principles of Lean and Agile overlap: continuous improvement, rapid problem solving, cross-functional teams, and responsiveness to customer requirements.

Specifically, Lean focuses on removing non-value-added activities, also known as “waste,” from processes. The Agile project methodology focuses on continuous delivery and adaptive development. When combined, Lean and Agile provide a solid framework and set of tools for developing value-added solutions that deliver on customer and business requirements.

A key member of the Lean Agile team is a Scrum Master. Scrum Masters serve as a facilitator and coach, keeping Agile teams focused and removing barriers to progress. Responsibilities include planning sprints, facilitating daily stand-up meetings, and using Kanban boards and other tools to show project status.

If your organization wants to improve its product and project development, the Lean Methods Group’s Certified Lean Agile Certification for Project Management offers a unique combination of methodologies, tools, and practical application. Explore these resources to learn more about this certification and what you can expect from the program.

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FAQs: The Lean Methods Group’s Certified Lean Agile Scrum Master for Project Management

Is this certification right for me?

The Lean Agile methodology is appropriate for nearly any project or product development flow and can be integrated into existing Lean and continuous improvement frameworks. Program, project or product managers across a variety of work environments will benefit from this course.

What prerequisites do I need to enroll in the Lean Agile course?

Completion of the following eLearning modules are recommended, but not required, before taking Lean Agile:

  • Change Management Series
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Visual Management
  • Five Principles of Lean

What requirements must I meet to complete the Lean Agile Scrum Master certification?

To gain certification, candidates must:

  • Complete core curriculum.
  • Demonstrate knowledge proficiency by passing subject-matter examinations.
  • Be nominated for certification by a Lean Methods Group master instructor.

How long does it take to complete the course and certification program?

The classroom course runs for five consecutive days. At the end of the course, candidates will complete the exam and an exam review. In addition, candidates have one year to gain nomination for certification from one of the Lean Agile instructors.

What kind of support do I receive through the certification program?

The certification program is managed and supported by the Lean Methods Group’s professional instructors, who are Senior Lean Agile Scrum Masters, Lean Masters, and Six Sigma Master Black Belts.

What organizations recognize the Lean Methods Group’s certification?

The Lean Methods Group’s certifications are recognized by many organizations, including:

How does the Lean Methods Group support its Lean Agile graduates after they gain certification?

The Lean Methods Group offers online learning, tools and resources, providing a unique support system to help you with your own development as well as future knowledge transfer. Additionally, Lean Agile instructors are available for on-site or remote coaching, facilitation and training as candidates implement Lean Agile in their organizations.

Lean Agile training and certification provides a unique foundation for managing a value-added development cycle in a collaborative environment.

What makes the Lean Methods Group’s program and certification different?

The Lean Methods Group’s Lean Agile training and certification provides a unique foundation for managing a value-added development cycle in a collaborative environment. The scope of this course exceeds many others covering both Lean and Agile. Importantly, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of Agile and its key components. During the training, participants not only learn the Scrum Master role, but how to run a successful Lean Agile team and all its roles, including the product owner and delivery team. Plus, this course features hands-on application through simulations of two cycles of creation, practically applying the knowledge learned about Lean Agile and leading Lean Agile teams.

Ready to Learn More?

Visit our Certified Lean Agile for Project Management to learn more about the course and certification, or contact us to set up a time to speak with our director of public training or an instructor.