Beyond Value Stream Mapping: Customer Job Mapping

Value streams can only yield so much until they run dry, forcing us to develop new ideas and sources of revenue. In this webinar, learn how you can use Customer Job Maps to revolutionize your value streams and processes, and develop revolutionary products and services.

Classic voice-of-the-customer (VOC) methods fall short of identifying what your customers don’t know they want. This webinar, led by Wes Waldo, COO and President, Americas teaches you to move beyond your bias that your customers need what you give them. Customer Job Maps show you what your customers want to accomplish, not what specific features or functionalities they might want from your current products or services.

After watching this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your Jobs to Be Done, and prepare a Customer Job Map.
  • Make Customer Job Mapping an integral part of Value Stream Mapping.
  • Diagnose and analyze unmet customer needs.
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls of VOC methods.
  • Discover clues to finding ideal solutions for customers.
  • Collect data on true customer needs.