Strategy Development

It turns out that the challenge most companies face with strategy execution has little to do with their ability to execute strategy. Instead, the problem lies in the lack of strategy itself. Our Strategy Development practice is dedicated to periodic strategic renewal or, in some cases, that once-in-a-generation creation of entirely new strategy.

Developing strategy, however, is harder than ever. In today’s increasingly complex world, competition can come from 8,000 miles away or a disruptive startup next door. Under these circumstances, the challenge of strategy execution can be exacerbated by a confusing — or completely absent — core or foundational strategy.

Developing fresh strategy is a methodical, collaborative process that starts with building context, leads to insight, and ultimately results in compelling and clearly articulated strategy.

Our unique approach to strategy development includes working with our clients to build a deep understanding of their business—developing, analyzing, and selecting their own strategic options—and ultimately implementing that strategy. By doing the work themselves, a deep sense of buy-in, ownership, and pride in the outcome becomes the ultimate driver of success.

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