There’s no longer any doubt that to thrive, we must innovate. But that’s easier said than done. Only through a research-based, methodical and highly collaborative approach to innovation can today’s business leaders have confidence that their company will rise to the occasion. Our structured innovation methodologies are designed to drive innovation as a process, not merely an aspiration.

Structured innovation is often viewed as an anathema, or even an oxymoron. However, mature companies wishing to become more innovative quickly learn that they are not Google or Amazon. Instead, they need to adopt highly collaborative, structured methodologies and adapt them to their culture and the nature of their business. Turning innovation into a process is the aim of the Lean Methods’ innovation practice.

At Lean Methods, we use proven, research-based methods to have your team innovating in a matter of weeks and months, rather than years. We provide tools that allow everyone to engage in the process of innovation. And we break down the key steps to innovation to allow you to manage innovation as disciplined projects with clear roadmaps, milestones, and decision criteria.

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Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)

TRIZ gives you a powerful set of tools, algorithms, and methods for solving innovation, R&D, and performance issues.
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