Dots Matter: The Essence of Innovation Is Information

Innovation begins with information that fuels thinking and creativity. Yet little is truly known about how the human brain processes and transforms information into valuable know-how. The webinar, led by CEO David Silverstein, covers how the process of ideation really works.

We’ve all heard the phrase “connect-the-dots,” yet few truly understand what this really means. What are dots in our information-laden world? What’s most important about collecting dots for innovation? Are more better?

Dot consumption, dot overload, dot modeling… these are all prerequisites for connecting the dots in a way that makes you intelligent about how you innovate and formulate new strategies, processes, products and business models.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The mathematical relationship: Innovation Output = f(Information Input).
  • How traditional problem solving approaches (like Six Sigma) can serve as a catalyst for innovation.
  • How people consume information through a broad range of collaborative efforts—even when they’re not aware of it.
  • How every brain connects the dots and how you can learn to do it better.