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Strategic Planning via Hoshin Kanri

Involve your entire organization in achieving breakthrough objectives


Grow Your Skillsets

Learn how to involve your entire company in achieving breakthrough objectives with this proven seven-step process for strategic planning.

Course Overview

8 hours of instruction


$399.00 USD

How many CEUs are available?

0.8 CEU’s

Who is this training and education appropriate for?
  • Senior leaders who want to learn a strategic planning method for setting breakthrough objectives and aligning the entire organization in achieving them.
  • Senior leaders who want to learn a strategic planning method for setting breakthrough objectives and aligning the entire organization in achieving them.
  • Managers who are responsible for carrying out cascaded priorities.
What other materials are included?

Access to eLearning content, including videos, quizzes, presentation notes, supporting materials and templates.

Strategic planning is the critical link between your strategy and its execution—and it’s often where organizations break down. Without a method for taking your strategy all the way from senior leaders to the shop floor, you risk long lead times for improvement, year-to-year plans that never connect, and too many projects with too few delivering. Sound familiar? Then your organization needs Hoshin Kanri!

Join Wes Waldo, a veteran in performance excellence and strategic planning, in this online course to discover a process where you can get your entire leadership team involved in everything from the generation of new ideas to a pragmatic and executable approach to bringing those ideas to life.

This online video course provides an overview of strategic planning and a proven method for executing on your goals. Hoshin Kanri (also known as Hoshini Planning, strategy deployment or policy deployment) is a method for involving your entire organization in delivering a combination of breakthrough performance and daily management.

With this strategic planning process in place, you can, in fact, align your strategic objectives with the specific resources and action plans needed to make them happen. The result? A sustained competitive advantage in quality, delivery, cost and innovation.

This on-demand course is delivered through an interactive eLearning system, including videos, quizzes, presentation notes, supporting materials and templates. Students complete the modules at their own pace and can track their progress along the way. Modules are accessible for six months with an individual purchase and unlimited for a business unit purchase.

Course Details
  • Gain a method for linking your major strategy objectives with the resources to execute them.
  • Apply the seven-step Hoshin Planning process across your organization.
  • Follow a back and forth refinement system known as “catchball.”
  • Understand how to integrate other strategic planning tools, including the Balanced Scorecard.
  • Know how to cascade priorities throughout the organization and communicate everyone’s role.
  • Identify tools for gauging progress and making corrective actions when needed.

Strategic Planning Overview

  • Intro to the Lean Methods Group’s Business Strategy Model
  • The 7-step Hoshin Planning process

Establishing Your Organization’s Vision

  • What is a vision statement?
  • Characteristics of a good vision
  • Examples of good and bad vision statements

Developing Breakthrough Objectives

  • How to select Breakthrough Objectives
  • S-curve and ambidextrous paradox
  • Operating Models: Product Leadership, Operational Excellence, Customer Intimacy
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Intro to the X-matrix

Developing Annual Objectives

  • How to determine how many objectives you need
  • Tools to help select your objectives
    • Innovation Portfolio
    • Business Transformation Architecture
  • How to craft your Annual Objectives

Deploying Annual Objectives

  • Completing the top-level X-matrix
  • Characteristics of effective top-level improvement priorities
  • How to craft statements using Job To Be Done
  • Developing good metrics

Implementing Annual Objectives

  • Completing second- and third-level X-matrices
  • Tactics of execution
  • Value stream maps
  • Action plans

Monthly and Annual Reviews

  • Gauging progress and making adjustments
  • Bowling charts
  • A3 reports
  • Countermeasure sheets
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