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About Our Certifications

Certification is a great investment in skills, leadership development, and your company’s performance. Lean Methods offers a number of certifications that enable you to lead successful initiatives and grow your teams and your business. From Lean Six Sigma to Data Analytics, we have the certification program that’s right for you.

Instructor-led virtual option available for ALL CLASSES. Call 303-827-0010 to learn more.
Looking for more options? Call 303-827-0010 to ask about instructor-led virtual options for ALL CLASSES.
Certified Promotion Star

Certified Lean Team Member

This Four day course is designed to ensure every team member is ready to become a highly engaged, active and knowledgeable part of any lean improvement effort.

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Lean Master Development Program

This program transforms graduates into experts who perform as change agents and project leaders in direct support of strategic objectives.

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Certified Lean Agile Scrum Master for Project Management

With Lean Agile Scrum Master Certification Training, you'll learn how to develop much more quickly while also meeting business objectives.

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Advanced Lean

Advanced Lean training goes beyond Lean knowledge. This course teaches practical application, with a focus on advanced Lean techniques, like value stream assessment.

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Online Courses

Lean Concepts and Tools Online

This course provides a high-level, interactive introduction of Lean fundamentals plus more in-depth explanations of several key Lean topics.

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