Lean Methods Group specializes in collaborative and strategic methodologies to improve business performace across all industries.

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Our Process

Our process-driven approaches to problem solving are always grounded in the latest research-based methods. We take a highly collaborative approach that engages your team, minimizes the time-to-solution, and maximizes the sustainability of results. Highly adaptable to your style and situation, our processes always assume a true spirit of partnership.


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Why Our Process Works

The Lean Methods Group’s process is built on robust, research-based methods. Our approach is designed to be highly collaborative and engaging, ensuring unique, insight-driven outcomes that are broadly adopted and sustained. Our versatile approach is designed to allow us to adapt to the style of our clients while drawing from an extensive suite of problem solving tools and methods that ensure we choose the best techniques for each problem. When we bring your people and our people together, anything is possible.

Business Strategy Model

The strategically-driven business places equal emphasis on the creation and execution of strategy, recognizing that the role of strategic planning is to translate strategy into action. Using time-tested, proven methodologies, we address all aspects of the business by methodically putting it all together with our comprehensive Business Strategy Model.

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Sharing knowledge and best practices helps us create lasting results together.


Data Analytics Glossary

Wondering what your data analysts are telling you? Use this glossary to translate.

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Smart Manufacturing

Are companies truly realizing the benefits of the digital age?

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Top Ten Problems Faced by Business

We interviewed top CEOs to create a list of the Top 10 Problems businesses will attempt to solve. Here is what we found.

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