Lean Methods Group specializes in collaborative and strategic methodologies to improve business performace across all industries.

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3rd Party Certifications

Utilize our authorized facilitation of popular simulations and tools.


Improve workplace culture with personalized insights that lead to behavior change. Assessment, feedback and practical real-world usage provided from a Lean Methods Group certified facilitator.


Improve cohesion and collaboration among team members. Are you Adaptive or Innovative? Our highly-trained instructor will help you find where you are on the continuum then provide insight to leverage the strength from all points on the continuum.


Improve creative thinking and communication. A Lean Methods Group certified instructor will guide you through an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance.


Improve conflict resolution. A Lean Methods Group trained instructor will teach you how to determine what your conflict mode is as well as how to develop new styles to give you the edge that leads to great change and improvement in your organization.


Improve ability to implement change. A Lean Methods Group certified facilitator will take you through this dynamic simulation and give you the tools to successfully run it on your own so that you may also become a certified facilitator.

Leam Methods also offers a number of Lean simulations that range from a couple of hours to a full day. Simulations are available for both manufacturing and no-manufacturing applications and can be customized for groups of any size.

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