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Top Ten Problems Faced by Business

We interviewed top CEOs to create a list of the Top 10 Problems businesses will attempt to solve. Here is what we found.

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The Case for Developing Facilitators, Trainers and Consultants

If we expect our students to do anything new, we must go beyond presenting to facilitating our their learning. A true adult learning environment led by an experienced instructor blends both these styles into an engaging and active learning environment.

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Hoshin Planning: Your Most Common Questions Answered in Just Three Words

The hoshin planning process can be summarized with three "S" words: Structure, Stretch, and Sustainment.

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Smart Manufacturing

Are companies truly realizing the benefits of the digital age?

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Data Analytics Glossary

Wondering what your data analysts are telling you? Use this glossary to translate.

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Use Innovation Tools to Make Transactional Lean Improvements

TNT Express organized an improvement team to focus on fast and consistent delivery of shipments at one of the company’s major airport hubs. By applying innovation tools within a Lean Six Sigma project, TNT was able to reduce average lead times by 50%.

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Three Steps Ahead

How can you anticipate something that no one ever expected? The answer is simple: You have to think three steps ahead. Part of the Connect the Dots Series by CEO David Silverstein, this book explores the depths of strategic thinking and how failure to think strategically leads to unintended consequences, plus tools and techniques for anticipating and managing unintended consequences.

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Innovator’s Toolkit

The Innovator's Toolkit is for those who are interested in the big picture of organic growth and want to become innovation-elite organizations, as well as for those who need to execute a single innovation project. This second edition offers new techniques, updated exhibits and examples, and a new section on why so many fail at innovation—and how you can succeed.

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5S Workplace Summary

The 5S radar chart is used to report on the effectiveness of a 5S program. This template allows users to visually demonstrate their 5S efforts.

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Building Your Purple Unicorn

Looking to hire the perfect data analyst who already knows your business inside and out? Stop looking and start building! Shannon Murphy, Product Manager with The Lean Methods Group, explains how to build that "purple unicorn" at the 7th DisruptHR Denver.

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Reducing Ventilator Days and ICU Length of Stay

St. Anthony's Hospital needed to minimize the time its patients were on ventilators. After running ANOVA and regression analyses, they were able to establish clear protocols and procedures which reduced ventilator days by 38% and saved $650,000 per year.

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Borusan Shows Its Smarts, Leveraging Blended Learning

One of the largest and most successful Turkish companies found its Lean Six Sigma program stagnant. With a commitment to custom online and classroom learning, Borusan was able to reduce costs, increase student retention, and improve student satisfaction.

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How Charleston Area Medical Center Reduced Wait Time in the Emergency Room

After forming an improvement team, Charleston Area Medical Center used a rapid-improvement approach to streamline paperwork, shorten registration time and dramatically reduce (by 70%) the lead time for getting emergency patients treated.

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Graphic Packaging Harnesses Rapid Improvement Events to Dramatically Cut Costs

Graphic Packaging decided to deploy Lean techniques throughout its organization to improve operations. After reeling in €175,000 in annual, hard savings from just three Lean projects at their plant in England, they expanded to Spain and France.

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