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The team at Lean Methods combines literally hundreds of years of our own learning with proven approaches that we’ve tested on thousands of students. Our content is thoroughly researched and thoughtfully assembled to ensure both initial learning and retention. We follow the Adult Learning Model to ensure training is engaging and that concepts are reinforced through practice and repetition. We offer licensing of both online and classroom training materials.

Classroom Materials

Let’s face it; today you can find just about anything you want online. With Lean Methods classroom training, you can feel confident that the material is well-researched and well-tested with hundreds (in some cases) and thousands (in most cases) of students. Wherever possible, we accompany classroom training with hands-on simulations, exercises, and case studies. And we provide facilitator guides to help your instructors make the most of the training. We also offer the opportunity for your team to attend our classes. That way they can see our experienced trainers teach the material they will use themselves.

With a full license, you receive the right to edit and alter material, ultimately making it your own. Tailoring material to the specific needs of your audience will only enhance the value of the curricula licensed from Lean Methods, ensuring the greatest value for your students.

Online Learning

Our clients license web-based training (eLearning) for many reasons depending on their unique needs. Among the most common applications of Lean Methods Group’s online learning include:


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